Get the full version of microsia today!
Features of the full version:
  • no time limit
  • save your compositions
  • record your music to .wav files
  • dive into a SECOND LEAF with different sounds
  • all note scales
You can choose between two versions:
> uncommercial version
If you want to use microsia for private non-commercial purposes only, this cost-saving version is best for you.
Price: 19.95 EUR special 0.01 EUR for a limited time !!!
> commercial version
If you want to use the music you generated with microsia in a commercial way, you need this version.
Price: 99.95 EUR
Both versions contain the same full features but have different licenses (have a look at the license of microsia)

The registration key is delivered by e-mail after the order has been placed and payment confirmed. With this registration key you can unlock the full version of microsia.
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Payment is done by PayPal. NOTE: You don't actually have to have a paypal account to use that buttons above. After you click it, just click "continue" on the left side of the next page to use any standard credit card.

if you have any questions on the order transaction, please, check the faq and the forum before emailing me.